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    Roleplay Rules

    Super Plumber

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    Roleplay Rules

    Post  mariomanpaul on Tue Nov 24, 2009 1:59 pm

    Hello Paisanos,

    It's-a-me, mariomanpaul! I got the RPG module working, and there's an elaborate system of battle. Here it goes:
    Story: Bowser got smart and realized there was a better way to fight Mariomanpaul, Soren, and all the Mario Fans members. So he took all of the Mushroom Kingdom's fighting power and packed it into Number Mushrooms: the basis of Bowser's new "Operation RPG". So it was up to Mario Fans to stop him.

    We all start in World 1. You roll the Number Mushroom and the number is what enemy you fight.
    3=Koopa Troopa
    5=Pirahna Plant
    6=Hammer Bro

    Then you start the fight.(By the way, you roll the dice by selecting the dice icon, near the text color, size buttons.)

    First, you roll the dice. The number is how much damage you do. (1 is 1 damage, 2 is 2 damage, etc.) Then you roll the dice again. this is how much damage the enemies do. You alternate turns until one person is defeated. You can also challenge your friends for fun.

    You have HP and IP too. When you start playing, you start with 30 HP and 30 IP. When you get hit, you lose HP. When you use an item, you lose IP. Items can be purchased at the Toad Shop. (Yeah! Finally found a use for it!) The items work differently than HP. Each item has a set number of IP, and you roll the dice for use. For example, the number on the die is how much HP the mushroom restores. And the number on the die plus three is how much damage the Fire Flower does. Plus, if you roll an odd number, the enemy is burned and loses 1 HP each turn for five turns. Now I'm sure you want to know how to progress.
    Once you beat five enemies in World 1, ten in World 2, etc. you fight a boss. In World 1 it's Bowser, and he's not taking prisoners. You have to get 5 odd numbers (not necessarily in a row) to jump on the bridge button and defeat him. Other bosses won't be as easy. After beating the boss you get to World 2 and probably also Level-Up. You gain more HP, IP, and also 10 coins! You also get dies with higher numbers to help you in battles. But beware- this means the enemies get tougher. So... What happens when you die?
    When you die, the next time a fellow user hits the number of the same enemy as you, they fight your same enemy, with lost HP from your failed fight. Once the menace is gone, you will automatically be revived with full stats. This trick doesn't work when you're fighting a friend or a boss. Also, this doesn't count as a win on your part, meaning you can't just keep dying and getting through the worlds. If it's a friend or boss fight, or you just want to give up on being rescued, you will do one of these things:

    1: If it's a boss or an enemy, you have to pay 5 coins to be revived with full stats.
    2: If you lose to a friend, you will be revived with full stats without having to pay.

    If you lose to a boss and don't have the five coins, it's GAME OVER. You start the world over with full stats. So always have plenty of coins ready! (I will).

    ***Extra Stuff***

    I will add epic RPG music to the music forum under Media, so keep a spare tab or window open!

    If you're ready to play, World 1 is

    I know it's a lot to take in, but just do the best you can.


    mariomanpaul Mario

    I never get tired of looking at this:
    CloudStrife 1
    CloudStrife 1

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    Re: Roleplay Rules

    Post  CloudStrife 1 on Tue Dec 08, 2009 8:27 pm

    I put this on the actual thing but. IT IS A STORY! The other stuff is good but not right! Dude im not being mean but it is a storyline thing. You took up one page of ..... NOTHING. Sad


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