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    Mario Bros. Review

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    Mario Bros. Review

    Post  mariomanpaul on Thu Apr 16, 2009 7:52 pm

    Game: Mario Bros.
    Year: 1983
    Description: Mario Bros was the first game with Luigi, and the first game with koopas (The Japanese word for "turtle" is "koppa".). You had to hit the floor under a koopa and then run into it to kick it off into the water below. For every koopa you killed, you got one coin. If you failed to kill one, it would go into a pipe at the bottom of the screen and come back up through the top pipe. There was also a bonus level in which you had to collect all the coins before time ran out. (I always won the bonus level Smile)

    Power-ups: POW block(You could hit this block to turn all onscreen koopas over. There was one of these in each level, and you could hit it three times.)

    Mario Influence: main character

    >l main character
    l medium
    l low
    l cameo

    Overall Game Rating:


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